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David Leonardi, M.D., ABAAM, CNS

There are plenty of websites and blogs by those who feel passionately that the use of statins is a financial conspiracy orchestrated by the drug companies. This site is not one of them. It is so easy for someone not responsible for the lives of patients to rant on the bandwagon against an established practice, using little or no data to back up their impressive “claims”. Nor is this site a pro-statin website. My goal is to be 100% objective. This site is for those whose physician has recommended a statin for good reason and who want to follow his/her expert advice while remaining free of statin-related side effects. I’ve been using statins prudently in my practice for over thirty years. For the past fifteen years my practice has been exclusively preventive. I’m personally convinced that statins save lives by my research of published clinical trials and by my practice experience. I’m also convinced that statins carry significant side effects for many users.

Here is why I use statins in my practice. At the Leonardi Institute we follow a test of plaque accumulation that is non-invasive and painless. It is a specific type of carotid ultrasound called Carotid Intima-Media Thickness. It measures that layer of the artery wall where the fatty streak forms that will ultimately develop into plaque, and it detects actual plaques as well. Comparison of serial CIMT tests on our patients over the years, almost across the board, is showing a reversal, and then stabilization of the pre-plaque fatty streak, as well as shrinking and often complete disappearance of the plaques themselves. What is our methodology to accomplish this? We are prudent in managing lipoprotein (advanced cholesterol) profiles at the Leonardi Institute. Statins are but one of the tools we use. We focus first on lifestyle management, then natural products when appropriate, then statins when needed. Our goal, however, is beyond that of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) guidelines. When I look at the NCEP guidelines, it appears the goal is to get everyone to the level of “normal” or “average”; that is, to prevent premature heart disease. As we expect the majority of our patients to live a high quality of life well into their 90’s or beyond, our goal is to prevent heart disease at any age.  With our prudent management of lipoproteins, I’m convinced that we’re quietly saving lives and preserving quality of life in a motivated, aging population. And statins are no small part of the process. So if you’re looking for a statin basher, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking for good, referenced information on statin side effects and how to prevent and manage them so you, too, can effectively prevent heart disease and retain a high quality, physically and mentally active life, you’ve come to the right place.

A Note About Product Recommendations

We do recommend our own products for the prevention of statin-related side effects that are based on our research. After all, if our research is at the cutting edge, why would we not make available the products to fulfill the potential benefits that we’ve uncovered? It is a service for those who wish to participate and not required of those who choose not to. This in no way alters the objective information provided on this website and readers have no obligation to order our products. Our formulations are uniquely designed to take advantage of the many years of research we’ve done that is not available elsewhere. We hope you agree and feel free to take advantage of our data whether or not you have an interest in our products. Thanks for visiting!

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