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Statin Sidekick Instructions

For optimum results, Statin Sidekick™ should be taken for 5 days before your begin taking your statin medication, or (only with your doctor’s permission) by stopping your statin for 5 days while you take Statin Sidekick, then restarting your statin.

The dose required to eliminate muscle symptoms, memory loss, or fatigue varies from person to person. If you’re having significant problems from your statin we recommend you begin with 3 capsules of Statin Sidekick twice daily with food during for the first week of use. This one week period is called the “loading period” and the dose you’ll take during that week is called the “loading dose”. The purpose is to pre-load your muscle cells with Statin Sidekick before the statin has a chance to affect the muscle cells. It is unclear why, but this appears to have a substantial impact on the success you’ll achieve with Statin Sidekick. Start (or restart) your statin on day 6 of the loading period. If you don’t experience side effects, try reducing Statin Sidekick to 2 capsules twice daily. If over the next week you still notice no side effects, try reducing Statin Sidekick to 1 capsule twice daily (always with food). If you’re successful at 1 capsule twice daily, remain on that dose indefinitely.

If at any point, side effects re-emerge, again stop your statin for 5 days (again, only with your doctor’s permission) and repeat the loading dose of Statin Sidekick as described above. This time, remain at a dose that is 1 capsule twice daily greater than the dose you were taking when your side effects became apparent. You should arrive at a dose of between 1 and 3 capsules twice daily, with food.

We’ve not experienced any patient who required more than 3 capsules twice daily to control muscle, brain or fatigue-related statin side effects. However, should you wish to try, there is no known toxicity associated with a dose of 4 capsule twice daily. If 4 capsules of Statin Sidekick twice daily doesn’t relieve your statin side effects, the next logical step might  be to discuss with your practitioner, either an alternative statin or a lower dose of the same statin while continuing Statin Sidekick. If you’re unsuccessful with that approach you may want to discuss statin alternatives with your practitioner.


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